Why Choose Wag & Walk



Your pet care provider with Wag & Walk, is certified in canine and feline first aid and CPR. Wag & Walk is committed to always staying alert and attentive to your pets and their surroundings during the visits. In addition, Wag & Walk does not provide "pack walks" to ensure the safety and thorough dedication to every dog while on walks. Car decals and advertisements  are not used on Wag & Walk's vehicles or worn on clothing which may alert others of your absence.  


When you choose Wag & Walk, you are choosing to support a professional, local small business. Wag & Walk is also insured and bonded through Pet Sitters Associates. 


Giving back to the community

Wag & Walk gives back to the community by donating to local shelters with the use of "Walk for a Dog" app, and other donations made locally to shelters and non-profit organizations. 

ease of communication

Wag & Walk can be reached through phone calls, text messages and emails. Each client is given the option of receiving updates on their pets through a daily log, text messages or emails, including pictures if desired!

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