Thank you for choosing Wag & Walk, LLC for your pet service needs! I look forward to taking care of your pup(s). Prior to providing the first service for your dog(s), please carefully read over the following agreement. If you have any questions or concerns at all, please contact me and I would be happy to go over any items.


As the client, you agree and confirm that:

  • All services must be paid in full prior to, or at the beginning of the booked service. You understand that services will not be provided if payment isn't confirmed at said time mentioned above. 
  • For dog daycare and dog sitting services, you confirm that:
    • Your dog(s) are spayed/neutered
    • Your dog is in good health {including but not limited to: free of kennel cough, flea free, no open sores, etc}. You understand that dogs will not be accepted for these services if they show symptoms or indicators of mentioned or similar issues.
  • For a cancellation of a service, you understand that to receive a full reimbursement of paid service, you must contact me no later than 12 hours prior to scheduled service time. This can be through email, phone call or text message. 

As your dog service provider, I agree and confirm that:

  • Your dog(s) health, well-being, and safety will always be my top priority
  • In the event of an emergency, I will contact you immediately and seek immediate medical attention to your dog(s) if necessary
  • I have the right to cancel services at any time, after you have been contacted directly
  • In the event of inclement weather which would prevent me to reach your home safely and to provide a service for your dog, I will contact you immediately

All terms and conditions mentioned above apply to any and all other types of animals, as previously confirmed and agreed upon, that will be receiving a service from Wag & Walk, LLC.

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You have read the above agreement in its entirety and agree to its terms.