Complimentary "Meet and Greet" required prior to first service

Pets must be up to date on "core" vaccinations specific to their species

Services to be paid in full prior to, or at beginning of service. Services will not be provided if payment is not provided at time mentioned above. In addition, new clients for pet sitting services must pay 50% of total bill of services within 48 hrs of Meet and Greet to confirm booking.

Exact times for visits are not guaranteed. Generally clients can expect a 2 hour time window of when services will be rendered around their desired time frame. Pets requiring time sensitive medications will be given first priority of the day, followed by dogs (or other animals that must be relieved outside). Cats and other animals will be visited before or after time sensitive visits.

**Comprehensive list of policies listed within Wag & Walk, LLC Service Agreement. Agreement must be signed prior to first service.

Answered Questions

Each visit starts the minute I walk into your home, and   stops on my way out the door.  This will include time putting on a leash/harness (sometimes longer for extra excited or wiggly pups!), up and down elevators during visit, etc. Please take this into consideration when choosing what duration you would like for your pets. Each visit can be a customized to fit your pets' needs!

I do not charge for administering medications for pets. I also do not charge for additional pets in the household. I only charge by the duration of the visit. Only last minute requests and visits on holidays are subject to additional fees. 

There are no breed restrictions for dog sitting or dog walking clients.

Obtaining a key to your home is required of all new clients. The only exception includes secured lock boxes on the client's premises. Please have keys ready for pick-up at Meet and Greet.

Dogs will not be taken off-leash at any time during visits, unless it is in the client's own private, fenced yard. This is for the safety of your pets and to be in compliance with my pet sitting insurance.

Dogs are not walked in packs, rather only on a per household (or per dog as requested) basis.

I do not have employees, therefore you will always know who is with your pets! This gives you peace of mind and safe consistency to your beloved pets.


For any further questions or concerns, please contact me!